This page covers some Frequently Answered Questions

Q: Is EasySpy invisible to prying eyes?
A: Yes, easyspy can be hidden from view and the main EXE changed so that it looks normal in the taskbar.

Q: If i don't like the software can i have my money back?
A: Once the download details have been sent out we do NOT offer any refund whatsoever, by purchasing you agree to this condition.

Q: Does EasySpy contain any viruses or spyware and adware?
A: NO, Unlike other competitors software, EasySpy is 100% clean and virus/spyware free and always will be.

Q: Will EasySpy harm my pc?
A: When installed correctly EasySpy will not harm any pc.

Q: Is EasySpy detected by antivirus software or spyware removers?
A: No, as of 10th September 2009 (today) it is undetectable, i cannot guarantee this will always be the case.

Q: How long is my license for?
A: For LIFE!. well the life of the website at least, nothing lasts forever but we will have a good try!

Q: Will i have to pay for updates?
A: No, all updates are also FREE for the life of the program/website!!..

Q: Will EasySpy crash my computer when installing?
A: Our software has NEVER crashed or damaged any pc, if you know how to use a pc you will not have any problems installing EasySpy.

Q: EasySpy is not running at startup?
A: More than likely a settings issue and EasySpy has not been set up correctly, email us for help
Q: Do you have an affiliate program?
A: No, not yet anyway. We do plan to affiliate our software in the future so please do keep popping back to check.

Q: Do you offer a rebranded version of EasySpy?
A: We do consider work offers and we would as part of this consider rebranding EasySpy so you can sell your own product and keep 100% of the profits. Email us for more info.

Q: If i lose my registration details can i retrieve them from you?
A: Yes, we currently have a system set up so any customer can retrieve their username and password for our keylogger software. I would advise however keeping your details written down just in case.

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