SPAM: is, and will always be , against spam. These type of mailings will never be sent from - if you do find a spam mailing promoting our product let us know. We hate this as much as anyone and do not believe spam promotes a business well, in fact it more likely puts people off using the service if they get hundreds of useless marketing emails.


We will NEVER disclose any of our customers information to ANYONE else, this includes the authorities. We believe that you should have 110% privacy when using EasySpy and we are committed to providing this for you.

COLLECTION OF INFORMATION: will only collect the basic necessary information to process customer orders, and nothing more. We do not require, or collect, any personal information from the user when they visit our site or try our software. The ONLY information we keep on our servers are the username and password for each user to be able to use our software, EasySpy. will never knowingly collect information from minors.


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